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James L. Marshall

James L. Marshall
Professor Emeritus
Historical Chemistry
Rediscovery of the Elements


Dr. Marshall researches the history of the discovery of the elements. His studies carry him to over 20 countries where he photographs and documents specific sites which he describes in his publications on chemical history.

"Discovery of the Elements," a book covering the history of the discovery of the elements from the ancients to modern times.

"Walking Tour of the Elements," a CD describing all of the elements, a complete collection at UNT, including the minerals of original discovery.

"Rediscovery of the Elements," a project currently in progress, allowing one to visit all of the discovery sites of the elements.

For further information regarding these products including how to order, see: http://www.jennymarshall.com/rediscovery.htm

In Memoriam - Virginia "Jenny" Louise Marshall

Information for the freshman chemistry lab and lab lectures can be found at the following website: www.chem.unt.edu/~jimm

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