Organic | Department of Chemistry


Research in the Organic Chemistry Division covers a broad spectrum of theoretical and experimental activities. Our faculty interests include fundamental issues of chemical reactivity of organic compounds and organometallic complexes, as well as synthesis and application of new chemicals and materials for applications in the fields of biomedical research and energy-production.

  • Dr. Sushama Dandekar also serves an advisory role for students in pursuit of careers in the healthcare professions.
  • Dr. Francis D'Souza: Supramolecular chemistry; advanced synthesis of light energy harvesting, optoelectronic and sensing materials; solar cells; ultrafast laser spectroscopy.
  • Dr. Michael Richmond: prepare and study organometallic complexes for their catalytic processes.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Skellam: Elucidating complex secondary metabolite pathways and unusual biosynthetic enzymes from microorganisms using chemical and biological methods for the discovery of small molecules with pharmaceutical and agrochemical potential; Enzyme engineering to rapidly generate small libraries of bioactive small molecules with commercial applications.
  • Dr. Hong Wang: Asymmetric catalysis through cooperative enamine-metal acid catalysis; functional organic materials based on pi-extended porphyrins; development of small molecule inhibitors targeting STAT3.

Our teaching activities include undergraduate and graduate-level courses in organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry. Graduate and undergraduate students are involved in our research and teaching activities, from the lab to the Chemical Resource Center (CRC). Students interested in participating in our work are invited to contact any faculty member in our division.