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Instructional Resources

Chemistry Resource Center

The Chemistry Resource Center (CRC) provides free tutorial instruction to students enrolled in undergraduate chemistry courses. The CRC is staffed by highly qualified chemistry graduate students.

For questions or comments about the CRC, please contact Miriam Freeman, or 940-565-3554.

UNT's Chemistry Resource Center (CRC) will be operating in person in CHEM 231.

Hours of Operation for the Summer 2022 8 Week 1 Semester:
Mondays 11am-6pm, Tuesdays 10am-6pm, Wednesdays 11am-6pm, Thursdays 9am-6pm, Fridays 10am-5pm.

CRC Schedule for Summer 2022 8 Week 1 (05/17/2022)

Computational Chemistry Instructional Laboratory

The Computational Chemistry Instructional Laboratory (CCIL), located in Room 232 of the Chemistry Building, provides computer access to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in UNT chemistry courses. Computers are to be used only for chemistry related work and instruction. CCIL is not a General access lab.

Hours of Operation for the Summer 2022 8 Week 1 Semester (May 16 - June 3):
Monday Closed, Tuesday - Thursday 8 AM - 6 PM, Friday Closed

There are currently 14 CCIL PCs accessible via Remote Desktop Connection. Instructions for connecting to a remote CCIL PC can be found here. The CCIL TAs will be available for in-person help during their regularly scheduled hours.

CCIL TA Schedule for Summer 2022 8 Week 1 (updated 05/16/22)

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