Graduate Program | Department of Chemistry

Graduate Program

Chemistry Student Services Office

CHEM 207

(940) 565-3554

We invite you to drop by to discuss any aspect of your graduate program. You may visit our office for:

  • Information about degree options and requirements
  • Academic policies and procedures
  • Evaluation of your academic progress
  • Help with navigation of department and university practices
  • Assistance with registration
  • Advice on course selection

Autumn Miller-Arvidson is the Student Services Coordinator for the Department of Chemistry and should serve as the first contact point for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in chemistry at UNT. Autumn Miller-Arvidson can be reached at (preferred) or (940) 565-3554. Their office is located in CHEM 207C.

Dr. Hong Wang is the Graduate Advisor in the Department of Chemistry. Dr. Wang's office is located in Room 357 of the Chemistry Building. Dr. Wang can be reached at