Analytical | Department of Chemistry


The Analytical division provides a competitive research program and curriculum in the field of Analytical Chemistry. The research focuses on materials analysis, electrochemistry, mass spectrometry, modeling, and sensing. The divisional faculty are truly interdisciplinary, coupling their research to material science, environmental studies, forensics, biotechnology, photonics, and the semiconductor industry.

Analytical faculty members include:
Professor Research Description

Dr. Francis D'Souza

Anaytical supramolecular chemistry; carbon nanomaterials; photoelectrochemistry and photovoltaics; epectroanalysis; electrochemical and photochemical sensors and biosensors; ultrafast laser

Dr. Guido Verbeck

Analytical Chemistry; Mass Spectrometry; Instrument Development.

Dr. Jeffry Kelber

Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry; Material Science, Surface Science.

Dr. Oliver Chyan

Interfacial Electrochemistry; Semiconductor Materials Chemistry; Renewable Energy.

Dr. Teresa Golden

Materials and bioanalytical chemistry which include; electrodeposition of nanomaterials; chromatography; corrosion protection coatings; forensic investigations.

Dr. William Acree

Analytical and physical application of gas-liquid chromatography; solubility in complex systems; thermodynamics of organic functional groups in aqueous and nonaqueous solutions; spectroscopic properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; lyotropic liquid crystals.