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Emergency Evacuation Procedures in the Chemistry Building

Severe Weather
In the event of severe weather, all building occupants should immediately seek shelter in the designated shelter-in-place area in the building. If unable to safely move to the designated shelter-in-place area, seek shelter in a windowless interior room or hallway on the lowest floor of the building. All building occupants should take shelter in the interior, windowless hallway on the north and east side of the 1st floor.

Bomb Threat/Fire
In the event of a bomb threat or fire in the building, all building occupants should immediately evacuate the building using the nearest exit. Once outside, proceed to the designated assembly area. If unable to safely move to the designated assembly area, contact on or more members of your department or unit to let them know you are safe and inform them of your whereabouts. Persons with mobility impairments who are unable to safely exit the building should move to a designated area of refuge and await assistance from emergency responders. All building occupants should immediately evacuate the building and proceed to parking lot 9 south of the building.

Chemistry Building Emergency Evacuation Plan

Risk Management Services Incident Report

Educational Resources:

Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories - the ACS Guide

UNT Chemical Hygiene Plan

Student Laboratory Safety Agreement

Editable labels and forms:

Emergency Phone Numbers for Labs

Hazaradous Waste SAA Labels

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