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The NMR Laboratory in the UNT Chemistry Department houses two Varian NMR spectrometers: a broadband three channels 500 MHz spectrometer (for both high resolution and solid state NMR) with 5 NMR probes, a broadband two channels 400 MHz spectrometer with 4 nuclear (1H/19F/31P/13C) probe installed and one workstation for offline processing and plotting. Multidimensional and VT studies can be carried out on all spectrometers.

NMR use policy and procedures

Reservation instructions

Contact information:

Dr. Hongjun Pan
Office: Chem 112, 940-565-3555, hpan@unt.edu

John Nguyen
Office: Chem 235, 940-565-7137, johnnguyen282@gmail.com

Professor and Department Chair: Dr. LeGrande Slaughter
Office: Chem 101E, 940-565-3515, legrande.slaughter@unt.edu

User Guides

Training request form

Instruction for 1D data processing

Instruction for 2D data processing

User guide for Varian 500 NMR operation in walkup mode

User guide for Varian 400 NMR operation in walkup mode

T1 and T2 relaxation