Thomas Cundari | Department of Chemistry

Thomas Cundari

Regents Professor – Computational, Organometallic, & Inorganic Chemistry
(940) 369-7753
Computational Chemistry; Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry; Catalysis
Computational chemistry; inorganic chemistry; organometallic chemistry; computer-aided catalyst design; modeling of metal-containing enzymes and advanced materials; catalyst and biological informatics.

Dr. Cundari is Regents Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Cundari joined UNT in 2002 and has published over 180 refereed papers, and has given over 110 invited seminars. Dr. Cundari's research is currently funded by the NSF and the U.S. Department of Energy.


Development and application of high-accuracy methods for modeling of transition metals. Application of theory to the rational design of metal-based catalysts, sensors,optics and materials. Chemistry of the copper- and zinc-triads. Multiple bonding involving the transition metals and heavier main group elements.

Research area: 
Computational Chemistry