Paul Bagus | Department of Chemistry

Paul Bagus

Research Professor – Computational & Theoretical Chemistry
Surface Chemistry; Electronic Structure Theory; Core-Level Spectroscopies

Dr. Bagus is Research Professor of Chemistry, and a pioneer in the field of computational chemistry. Dr. Bagus moved to UNT in 2001 from Texas A&M University, after a distinguished career at IBM Research. One of his main research interests is to use computational chemistry approaches to interpret spectroscopic properties and his current focus is on the modeling nanoclusters and nanomaterials. Dr. Bagus is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and was in 2021 made a Fellow of the American Vacuum Society, AVS, with the citation: "For groundbreaking work on the fundamental understanding of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy". He was also awarded the AVS Gaede-Langmuir Award in 2016. While at IBM, Dr. Bagus was recognized with both an Outstanding Innovation Award and an Outstanding Contribution Award. Dr. Bagus serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy. His research is currently sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Research area: 
Computational Chemistry