Sreekar Marpu featured in North Texan magazine | Department of Chemistry
April 9, 2018

Sreekar Marpu featured in North Texan magazine

Sreekar Marpu, alumni and collaborator of Dr. Mohammad Omary (Chemistry), was one of the focuses of the article "Cancer Fighters" in the UNT publication North Texan. Drs. Andrés Cisneros (Chemistry)and Mohammad Omary and the Cisneros Research Group were also mentioned in the article.

Snippet from North Texan article: "In a laboratory at UNT, Sreekar Marpu ('11 Ph.D.) is on the hunt to kill cancer. The research assistant professor of chemistry is working to develop optical sensors that have the ability to differentiate deadly cancer cells from normal benign cells. He also is researching biocompatible nanomaterials that help obliterate cancer cells. Other UNT faculty have made their own innovative findings, from discovering a protein that could be the cause of some breast cancers to creating a device that can detect cancer in its early stages."

You can view the article here: