Meet our Graduate Student Senator, Melissa Collini | Department of Chemistry
October 27, 2017

Meet our Graduate Student Senator, Melissa Collini

Melissa Collini is the Chemistry Graduate Student Senator to the Graduate Student Council. The GSC is the official voice and student government for graduate students at UNT and advocates on behalf of graduate students to ensure that their opinions, needs, and interests are heard by university administration.

Melissa Collini, Graduate Student Council Senator

  • Third-year PhD student in the D'Souza research group
  • BS in Chemistry from UT-Dallas
  • Co-Founder of the Chemistry Grad Student Social Club
  • Proud to have made it this far in the PhD program - "I haven't quit yet!"
  • Fun facts: Melissa currently lives with 5 roommates, and loves to listen to podcasts.
  • Email her with any questions or concerns, or visit during her Senator office hours (Wednesdays 1pm - 2pm in Union 344)