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Seminar Schedule

Fall 2019 seminar schedule

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Friday from
3:30-4:20 p.m. in CHEM 109

8/30 LeGrande Slaughter, UNT
Chair's Welcome

9/6 Scott Dunkle, UNT
General Laboratory Safety

9/13 L. William Poirier, Texas Tech University
Exact Quantum Dynamical Treatment of Hydrogen-material Interactions: Kubas complexes, and entanglement-induced selection rules

9/20 Sheel Dodani, The University of Texas at Dallas
Discovering, Evolving, and Repurposing Proteins for Aqueous Chloride Sensing

9/27 Craig Bayse, Old Dominion University
Approaches to Modeling Sulfur and Selenium Proteins in Thyroid Hormone and Redox Signaling

10/4 Brian Prascher, Lockheed Martin Corp.
Transitioning from Academia to Industry: The Path So Far

10/11 Jim Marshall, UNT
Rediscovering the Elements: What It Felt Like to Rediscover the Original Discovery Sites

10/18 John Wood, Baylor University
Recent Efforts in the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products

10/25 Guihua Yu, The University of Texas at Austin
Multifunctional Hydrogels as An Emerging Platform for Sustainable Energy and Environment

11/1 Cameron Jones, Monash University, Australia
Magnesium(I) dimers: Universal reducing agents for the synthetic chemist?

11/8 Anne Gorden, Auburn University
Imines Soft-Donor Ligands for Actinide Selective Extractions, Sensors, and Catalysis

11/15 David Clark, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Covalency and the relative roles of 5f and 6d orbitals in Actinide Metal-Ligand Bonding

11/22 Stacey Lowery Bretz, Miami University
Measuring Students' Understandings of Multiple Representations in Chemistry

11/29 Thanksgiving Holiday -- No Seminar

12/6 Jorge Morales, Texas Tech University
The Electron Nuclear Dynamics (END) Theory and Its Applications to Cancer Proton Therapy Reactions and Other High-Energy Reactions

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