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Submitted Manuscripts (UNT students / postdocs indicated with #; undergraduate students; * = corresponding author)

1. Rajendran S,# Li L,# Skellam E* (in revision)

In Preparation (UNT students / postdocs indicated with #; undergraduate students; * = corresponding author)

1. Amorim M,# Schoellhorn S,# Skellam E,* Berlinck RGS* et al.

2. Berlinck RGS and Skellam E

3. Tammam M, Pereira F, Skellam E, Ganesan A, El-Demerdash, A.

3. Li L,# Chy MNU,# Amorim M,# Goralczyk J, Skellam E*

4. Schoellhorn S,# Lim T, Sartor I, Nyugen T, Skellam E*

5. Jayasundara S,# Rajendran S,# Skellam E* et al.

Publications from Independent Career at UNT

5. Neupane S, Amorim M, Skellam E* (2024), Discovery of unguisin J, a new cyclic peptide from Aspergillus heteromorphus CBS 117.55, and phylogeny-based bioinformatic analysis of UngA NRPS domains, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 20, 321-330

4. Skellam E* (2022), "Biosynthesis of fungal polyketides by collaborating and trans-acting enzymes", Natural Product Reports, 39, 754-783

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2. Skellam E (ed) Engineering Natural Product Biosynthesis (Methods and Protocols), Methods in Molecular Biology (vol 2489), 2022:

1. Skellam E* (2021), "Analysis of the secondary metabolism in Magnaporthe oryzae", In: Jacob S. (eds) Magnaporthe oryzae. Methods in Molecular Biology (vol 2356). Humana, New York, NY.

Research Prior to UNT

22. Shenouda ML, Ambilika M, Skellam E, Cox RJ (2022). "Heterologous Expression of Secondary Metabolite Genes in Trichoderma reesei for Waste Valorization". Journal of Fungi, 8, 4, 355.

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