Molly Atkinson | Department of Chemistry

Molly Atkinson

Assistant Professor – Chemistry Education Research
(940) 565-3550
CHEM 265
Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
Assessment development and analysis of validity and reliability of assessment data
Development of evidence-based instructional interventions targeting students’ understanding of chemistry representations

Chemistry education research (CER) integrates chemistry content knowledge, the use of theoretical frameworks, and research methodologies from education and psychology to explore how students learn chemistry in order to develop evidence-based chemistry instructional practices. CER in the Atkinson Research Group specifically investigates how undergraduate chemistry students' view and learn to use chemistry representations, providing insight into how to best support student learning and faculty instruction.

CER projects can be individually customized to students' own interests and ultimate career goals; if you are interested in CER or would like to learn more, please reach out to me via email.

Dr. Molly Atkinson's CV (PDF)

Research area: 
Chemistry Education