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Group Members

Current Research Assistant Professors and Visiting Professors

Prof. Sreekar Marpu (2015-Present); Prof. Denise Perry Simmons (2016-Present); Prof. Hassan Rabaâ (2018); Prof. Abdel Rawashdeh (2018); Prof. Sammer Tekarli (2012-2013;2014-Present)

Current Postdocs

Dr. Joshua Ivy (2018-Present)

Current Graduate Students

Jacob Arvidson (2018-Present); Daniela Trujillo (2018-Present); Karen Ryes (2018-Present); Jacob Fripp (2018-Present); Sindhu Shankar (2018-Present); Domllermut Alamo Velazquez (2018-Present); Shan Li (2018-Present); Megan Ericson (2017-Present); Sheikh Mohammad Siraiul Islam (2016-Present); Lauren Harris (2016-Present); Kortney Melancon (2016-Present); Khaled Shennara (2016-Present); Kurt Bodenstedt (2016-Present); SeyedMajid Farvid (2016-Present); Nooshin Nasiri (2015-Present); Erin Benton (2014-Present); Waleed Yaseen (2014-Present); Daniel Korir (2014-Present); Brooke Otten (2014-Present); Brian Kamras (2013-Present); Christopher Williams (2012-Present)

Current Undergraduate/TAMS Students

Evans David (2018-Present); Laya Chahine (2018-Present); Katheryn Cruz (2018-Present); Akhil Edara (2018-Present); Dayani Davilla (2018-Present); Emily Cao (2018-Present); Connor Chung (2018-Present); Megan Jorday (2018-Present); Cassidy Duran (2018-Present); Jacqueline Jia (2018-Present); David Qian (2018-Present); Eunyoung Kim (2018-Present); Manasi Ramadurgum (2017-Present); Shreya Hariharakumar (2017-Present)

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