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Omary Research Group

Omary Lab Contact Information Dr. Omary's Contact Information
University of North Texas
Department of Chemistry
1155 Union Circle #305070
Denton, Tx 76203-5070
Telephone: (940) 369-5752 or (940) 565-2443
(Deliveries: 1508 Mulberry St., Room 195) Email:

Omary Group in the News

Congratulations to Brooke Otten for her acceptance to the Modern Wavefunction Methods Workshop apart of the Max Planck Institut Summer Schools!

Congratulations to Dr. Marpu and Co. for being featured in the North Texasn - 2018 Spring Edition!

This Year Prateek Kalakuntla Competed in the National Sieman's Competition and Won 4th Place! UNT TAMS student's research on detecting mercury leads to spot in national Siemens Competition

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The Future of Lighting Scientists Create White Light That is Eco-friendly, Affordable

UNT News Release, January 8 2009
UNT Researchers Making Progress on Future of Lighting
This UNT press release made national news through headlines from Solutions for Our Future, a national higher education e-newsletter from the American Council on Education

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White Light, Less Heat

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UNT Researches Golden Opportunity For Cancer Cure
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