Thank you for applying to the 2015 UNT Chemistry NSF-REU program.  We look forward to reviewing your application packet.

The application packet consists of the online application, personal statement discussing research interests and career goals, transcript from your current institution, and two (2) letters of recommendation from university faculty in the sciences (such as Chemistry or Biology).  An optional third letter can be included from anyone outside of this group, but must describe your potential for research.

Important notes regarding the application:

  1. Once submitted, you are not able to update your application.  If you need to update your application, please send the changes to Shawn Adams,
  2. The personal statement and transcript are submitted as part of the online application.  If needed, you are able to submit the application without the personal statement and/or transcript, although your application will be considered incomplete.  Once you have either document, return to this page and submit the document using the appropriate link below.
  3. Your recommenders will automatically receive an email containing a link to the online recommendation form.  Please make them aware to expect an email from
  4. Please note that the information you provide in this application may be used for statistical analysis to help with the continued growth and vitality of summer research programs for undergraduate students.  All of the information that you provide will remain confidential.  At the end of the application, you will have the opportunity to withhold the information on this application form from the statistical analysis.  Choosing to withhold the information will have no bearing on your application.

Important notes regarding program participation:

  1. Participants are required to provide proof of medical insurance prior to the start of the program.  Failure to provide proof of insurance can result in revocation of the participation offer.
  2. Participants are not allowed to work outside of the program.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

Applications will be considered as they are received, with an application deadline of Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  Earlier applications are strongly encouraged.

2015 NSF-REU Application:

2015 NSF-REU Personal Statement:

2015 NSF-REU Transcript:

Please contact Shawn Adams if you have any questions or concerns, or 940-565-4372.