27 UNT Chemistry Students Receive Undergraduate Research Fellowships | Department of Chemistry
September 12, 2023

27 UNT Chemistry Students Receive Undergraduate Research Fellowships

The UNT Chemistry Department is proud to announce that 27 undergraduate and TAMS student have been awarded 2023-2024 Undergraduate Research Fellowships from the UNT Honors College! The students will be conducting research under the mentorship of 10 different faculty advisors. The awardees are:

Anvita Agarwal (Yan group)

Nathan Beard (Cundari group)

Vy Chac (Golden group)

Jilawan Francis (Acree group)

Darien Garza-Lund (Atkinson group)

Jacob Goralczyk (Skellam group)

Emily Guo (Atkinson group, TAMS)

Kami Hollingshead (Atkinson group)

Alyssa Hugo (D'Souza group)

Kely Juan (Atkinson group)

Trisha Kandi (Acree group)

Timothy Lim (Skellam group)

Marian Martinez (Atkinson group)

Brandon Marz (Skellam group)

Ramya Motati (Acree group)

Saikiran Motati (Acree group)

Tram Nguyen (Skellam group)

Trang Nguyen (Marshall group)

Jacob Patton (D'Souza group)

David Purvis (Yan group)

Ian Sartor (Skellam group)

Nikita Shanmugam (Acree group)

Christina Tang (Wang group)

Abby Tian (Ma group, TAMS)

Paige Walsh (Ma group)

Emily Yao (Acree group)

Diego Antonio Flores (Omary Group)

The UNT Chemistry Department has a strong tradition of undergraduate research and is proud to host this distinguished group of 2023-2024 URF awardees.

Background on the URF:

In 2016, the Offices of the President, Provost, Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Vice President for Research and Innovation--in collaboration with the Dean of TAMS and the Honors College--announced an initiative to enhance academic excellence via the expansion of mentor-based undergraduate research across all disciplines and their curricula. They collectively pledged resources for up to 250 Undergraduate Research Fellowships, each funded at $500. Those fellowships, since renewed on a yearly basis, reward students who enter--and show promise of significantly contributing to--faculty-led research environments.