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Current Research Thrusts

Research Thrusts within the Kelber Group

Current research in the Kelber Group is focused in the following areas:

Oxides and Oxycarbides for Electrocatlysis of Nitrogen and Nitrate to Ammonia (in collaboration with the D'Souza and Cundari groups)

Transition Metal Carbides for catalysis of the Fischer-Tropsch Reaction (in collaboraton with the Ma Group and Prof. Kui Tan)

Ge and Si oxynitrides for Lasing and Related Applications (Collaboration with Zhang and Choi groups in Mech. Eng. and the Neu and Krokhin Groups in Physics)

Transition Metal Oxides with Electro-chromic and Thermo-chromic properties for space and defense applications (in collaboration with Zhang group, Mech. Eng.)