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Current Research Thrusts

Research Thrusts within the Kelber Group

Current research in the Kelber Group is focused in three areas:

Growth of nitrides and oxynitrides by ALD, sputter deposition and MBE for the study of N/O interactions and their effects on reactivity at the vapor/solid and liquid/solid interfaces. (Collaboration with the D'Souza and Cundari groups).


Chemical and Electronic Structures of Cobalt Oxynitride Films Deposited by NH3 vs. N2 Plasma: Theory vs.

Plasma Modification of Vanadium Oxynitride Surfaces: Characterization by In-situ XPS Experiments and DFT Calculations (submitted)

Surface Chemistry of Solid State Electrodes for Li ion battery applications (in collaboration with Prof. Leela Arava, Wayne St. Univeristy)


In situ x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of lithium carbonate removal from
garnet-type solid-state electrolyte using ultra high vacuum techniques
, J. Jones, et al., J. Vac. Sci. and Technol. A 38, 023201 (2020)

Interactions at Oxide/Oxide interfaces for Spintronics Applications (in collaboration with Peter Dowben and Christian Binek, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)


Ultrathin Chromia on a Hexagonally-Ordered d0 Ferromagnet:
Evidence of Interfacial Exchange Bias at the Cr2O3/TiO2−x Interface
C. Ladewig, et al. Langmuir 35 14797 (2019)

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