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Masters degrees in Chemistry

Masters Degree in Chemistry - M.S.

A 30 credit hour research degree which requires a minimum of 18 hours in formal Chemistry courses.

Proficiency Requirement*:
In your first year as a graduate student, you must demonstrate proficiency in three areas, one of which will be your specialization: analytical, inorganic, organic, chemical biology or physical. You may satisfy the proficiency requirements by either passing the ACS exam or passing the proficiency course. These courses will not count towards the credit hours needed for graduation.

BIOC 5540 - Chemical Biology Proficiency (Offered Fall Only)
HEM 5200 - Physical Proficiency (Offered Fall only)
CHEM 5560 - Inorganic Proficiency (Offered Fall only)
CHEM 5380 - Organic Proficiency (Offered Spring only)
CHEM 5460 - Analytical Proficiency (Offered Spring only)


CHEM 5390 - Chemical Biology Core (Offered Spring Only)
CHEM 5500 Physical Organic Chemistry (Offered Fall only)
CHEM 5570 Advanced Analytical Chemistry (Offered Fall only)
CHEM 5210 Advanced Physical Chemistry (Offered Spring only)
CHEM 5710 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (Offered Spring only)


Topics of current interest which vary from year to year.

CHEM 5010 Introduction to Graduate Teaching & Research (Fall only)
CHEM 5940 Seminar in Current Chemistry

CHEM 6940 Individual Research (as needed for required degree credit hours)
CHEM 5950 Thesis

The Master's Thesis must be of scientific significance and suitable for publication in refereed scientific journals. A final oral examination is required which will be primarily a defense of the thesis.

Professional Science Masters

The MS degree in Industrial Chemistry as a Professional Science Master's Degree prepares students for careers in the chemical industry. The degree requires 36 semester credit hours of course work including 6 credit hours of an internship. Candidates are require to complete a curriculum composed of 18 credit hours in chemistry, plus an additional 12 hours of professional skills-based or "plus" courses selected from a list of courses from business, public administration, communication, environmental science, computer science, professional writing, or other approved courses. Satisfactory completion of a written comprehensive research paper with an oral presentation is required of all candidates.


Required Chemistry Proficiency Courses (9 hours)
CHEM 5200: Physical Chemistry (3 hours)
CHEM 5380: Organic Chemistry (3 hours)
CHEM 5460: Analytical Chemistry (3 hours)
CHEM 5560: Inorganic Chemistry (3 hours)

Elective Chemistry Related Courses (9 hours)*
CHEM 5210: Advanced Physical Chemistry (3 hours)
CHEM 5500: Physical Organic Chemistry (3 hours)
CHEM 5570: Advanced Analytical Chemistry (3 hours)
CHEM 5710: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3 hours)

Additional courses:

CHEM 5390: Advanced Chromatography (3 hours)
CHEM 5390: X-Ray Analysis (3 hours)
CHEM 5390: Electrochemistry (3 hours)
CHEM 5840: Chemistry Behind the Elements (3 hours)

*Please note, this is not an extensive list as other special topics courses are frequently offered. Please check with the Department of Chemistry for courses offered during a given semester.

Professional Skills or "Plus" Courses (12 hours)

Please email to get a list of courses.

Internship (6 hours)

CHEM 5900: Special Problems (3 hours)
CHEM 5910: Special Problems (3 hours)

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