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Golden Group News


Ting Zhou who completed her PhD degree.

CONGRATULATIONS to Recent 2018 Award Winners!

Christopher Ozigagu, a PhD student in the Golden group, recieved the NACE DFW Scholarship.

Christopher Ozigagu, a PhD student in the Golden group, received the NACE Graduate Student Book Award from the NACE International Foundation Board.

Upcoming Meetings

* The Golden Group will be presenting at several conferences in 2018, including the 70th AAFS meeting in Seattle, WA and the NACE meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

Recent Publications

* Ryan Daugherty (MS graduate) published "The Influence of an Aqueous-Butanol Plating Bath on the Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Electrodeposited Nickel Coatings" J. Appl. Electrochem. (2017).

* Ibrahim Coskun (PhD graduate) published 3 papers "Computer Assisted Corrosion Analysis of Hydroxyapatite Coated CoCrMo Biomedical Alloys"
Surf. Coat. Technol., 301, 42-53 (2016) and "Computer Assisted Optimization of Electrodeposited Hydoxyapaptite Coating Parameters on Medical Alloys" Met Mater. Trans. A, 47, (4) 1828-1841 (2016), and Modeling the Effect of Temperature and Potential on the In Vitro Corrosion Performance of Biomedical Hydroxyapatite Coatings" Met. Mater. Trans. A, 47A, 5-69-5180 (2016). 

* Vivian Huynh (PhD graduate) published 2 papers "Laser Ablation Coupled with DAPNe-NSI-MS Applied to Redated Documents" Sci. & Just., 56, 329-340 (2016) and "Direct-Ananlyte-Probed Nanoextraction (DAPNe) Coupled to Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) for Examination of the Ink Chemistry on Documents" For. Chem., 2, 86-92 (2016).

* Casey Thurber (PhD graduate) published 2 chapters and 1 paper "Electrodeposition of 70-30 Cu-Ni Nanocomposite Coatings for Enhanced Mechanical and Corrosion Properties" Curr. Appl. Phys. 16, 387-396 (2016).

* Qi Wang (PhD graduate) published 1 paper "Electrochemical Formation of Cerium Oxide/Layered Silicate Nanocomposite Films" J. Nanotech., 2016, 1-7 (2016).

Recent Funding

CHE-0840518 (2009-2013)(2012-2015)

   NIJ (2014-2016)  NIJ (2014-2016)              MG (2013-2018)            

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