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Research Overview

The research in the Wang group mainly involves synthetic methodology development and the design and development of novel organic materials with interesting photophysical and optoelectronic or biological properties. Our research principles are “using simple to make complicated” in the development of synthetic methodologies and “making complicated simple” in the design and development of organic materials.

News Flash

UNT Chemistry Department Honors Day
29 April 2020

Congratulations to Austen Moss, TIng Han and Jose Cortes Vazquez for winning schollarships at UNT Chemistry Department Honors Day.

Third Year Research Talk
24 April 2020


Austen Moss and Nisala Fernando won the first place in the third year research talk session at UNT.

Yi Hu successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations, Dr. Hu!


Porphyrin Projects


Asymmetric Catalysis


STAT3 Inhibitors 

Our Contacts


Dr. Hong Wang, 
Department of Chemistry,
1508 W. Mulberry St,
Denton, Tx, 76201