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Spring 2024 Course Downloads

Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 4631/4632)

Syllabus for Lecture

Syllabus for Lab


PP1    PP2    PP3    PP4   PP5    PP6    PP7    PP8    PP9    PP10    PP11   PP12    PP13

PP14    PP15    PP16    PP17    PP18    PP19    PP20    PP21    PP22    PP23    PP24

PP25    PP26    PP27    PP28    PP29    PP30    PP31    PP32    PPXX

Lab Lectures 

LL1    LL2    LL3    LLX

Class Notes (Extra Assignments)

Lecture LEDs   Lecture Noise    Lecture LC-MS   Lecture X    


CV Tutorial 1    CV Tutorial 2    Tutorial


Final Exam - May 8th - covers Lecture PPTs 29-32 + LC-MS (notice time 8am)

Test 1 - Feb 12th  - covers Lecture PPTs 1- 7

Test 2 - March 1st - covers Lecture PPTs 8-11 and 14

Test 3 - April 5th - covers Lecture PPTs 15-21

Test 4 - April 29th- covers Lectures PPTs 22-29

Final Exam - May 8th - covers Lectures PPTs 29-32 + LC-MS (notice time 8am)

Also note  students can form study groups for this course by logging onto Navigate at web address below and selecting this course under 'study buddies'.


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