Volodymyr (Vlad) Nesterov | Department of Chemistry

Volodymyr (Vlad) Nesterov

Graduate Student
PhD student in Dr. Michael Richmond's research group
Nesterov, V. V.; Yang, L.; Nesterov, V. N.; Richmond, M.GStructural and computational features of four highly polar quinolin-2( I H)-yliclcne derivatives: Equilibrium preference for cnaminothione, enamine, and cnaminone tautomeric structures. Joumal of Molecular Structure 2013, 105-1-1055(1),262-270
Nesterov. V. V.; Nesterov. V. N.; Richmond, M.G.Structural characterization of cis-2,6-( E,E)-bis( ferrocenyl idene)-N-methy 1-4-pi peri done and DFT evaluation of alternative polymorphic moc\illcations via ferrocene rotation.Polyhedron 2012,35(1),124-129
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