Seyedmajid Farvid | Department of Chemistry

Seyedmajid Farvid

Graduate Student
PhD student in Dr. Mohammad Omary's research group
Seyedmajid Farvid, et al. (2017) “Improving the performance of prototypical bi-layer devices by a novel double-doping method” 50th ACS Meeting-in-Miniature (MiM), April 29, 2017, DFW, USA
Farvid, S. M. Khosravi, A. Gharanjig, K. (2011) “The synthesis and properties of triazine-stilbene reactive dye containing the 1,8- naphthalimide” 4th International Color and Coating Congress, November 22-24, 2011, Tehran, Iran
Research area: