Miriam Freeman | Department of Chemistry

Miriam Freeman

Chemistry Student Services Coordinator
(940) 565-3554

A brief summary of my primary job responsibilities:

  • Serve on departmental graduate recruiting committee, representing both the Department of Chemistry and the Toulouse Graduate School at various local, state, and national meetings, career fairs, and graduate program and professonal fairs.
  • Serve as primary contact for all recruiting materials, correspondance, and department visits by prospective graduate students.
  • Manage all admission materials of prospective graduate students.
  • Maintain and monitor all graduate student academic files and records, including degree plans.
  • Assist with undergraduate and graduate advising.
  • Compile information on award nominees for department, university, and other local and national scholarships
  • Maintain and update alumni files
  • Editor of the department graduate student newsletter "The Graduate Beaker".
  • Coordinator of the NSF-funded REU Program.

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