Alice Walker | Department of Chemistry

Alice Walker

Graduate Student
PhD student in Dr. Andres Cisneros research group
Liyanage, P.S., Walker, A.R., Brenlla, A., Andrés Cisneros, G., Romano, L.J., and Rueda, D. “Bulky lesion bypass requires Dpo4 binding in distinct conformations.“ JACS, under review 2017.
“ALKBH7 variant related to prostate cancer exhibits altered substrate binding.“ A.R. Walker, P. Silvestrov , T.A. Müller, R.H. Podolsky, G. Dyson , R.P. Hausinger, G. A. Cisneros. Poster. Division of Computers in Chemistry Poster Session, 253rd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA. April 4, 2017.
Research area: 
Computational Chemistry
File attachments: 
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