Christopher Obondi | Department of Chemistry

Christopher Obondi

Graduate Student
PhD student in Dr. Francis D'Souza's research group
Obondi, Christopher O.; Lim, Gary N.; Karr, Paul A.; Nesterov, Vladimir N.; D'Souza, Francis, Photoinduced charge separation in wide-band capturing, multi-modular bis(donor styryl)BODIPY-fullerene systems : Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (2016), 18 , 18187-18200
Obondi, Christopher O,; Lim G.N., Churchill B, Poddutoori P. K., Van der Est A, D'Souza F, Modulating the generation of long-lived charge separated states exclusively from the triplet excited states in palladium porphyrin–fullerene conjugates: Nanoscale 8 (15), 8333-8344
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