Muthappan Asokan | Department of Chemistry

Muthappan Asokan

Graduate Student
PhD student in Dr. Oliver Chyan's research group
Varughese Mathew, Sheila Chopin, Oliver Chyan, Nick Ross, Alex Lambert, Muthappan Asokan: Aluminum bond pad corrosion of wirebond packages. 10/2016; 2016(1):000227-000233., DOI:10.4071/isom-2016-WA53
Alexander Lambert, Muthappan Asokan, Goutham Issac, Casey Love, Oliver Chyan: Thin-Film UV–vis Spectroscopy as a Chemically-Sensitive Monitoring Tool for Copper Etching Bath. DOI:10.1016/j.jiec.2017.03.004
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