The University of North Texas Surface Science Laboratory (SSL) is part of the Department of Chemistry, and is located within the Science Research Building.  The laboratory is headed by Professor J. A. Kelber.  Research at the SSL focuses on the development of atomic level understanding and control of chemistry at surfaces and interfaces in various environments, including ultra-high vacuum (UHV),  high pressure gas phase environments (up to atmospheric pressure), and in aqueous solution.  This research has important applications in microelectronics fabrication, nanocatalysis, and corrosion.

Current research thrusts within the SSL include:

1. Atomic Layer Deposition of BN and Graphene Films

2. Plasma and Free Radical Interactions with Surfaces

3.HgCdTe and II-IV Surface Chemistry

4.Nanocluster - Oxide Interactions under UHV and High Pressure

5.The Physical Electronics Working Group


Instrumental capabilities within the SSL include:

  1. A UHV system with capabilities for STM/AFM, LEED, Auger, and gas dosing at intermediate pressures

  2. A combined XPS/sputter deposition/MOCVD system, with a dual-magnetron sputter deposition facility

  3. An XPS/LEED/MOCVD system

  4. A UHV/XPS system with capabilities for controlled transfer to/from a 3-electrode electrochemical cell

  5. Ambient/electrochemical STM/AFM

  6. FTIR Spectrometer

  7. 3-Electrode Electrochemistry Cell and Potentiostat

  8. Chamber for Electron and Radical-Stimulated Desorption (under construction)